Oct 17, 2011

8. Why Nordstrom Makes Me Smile

     Nordstrom has always been a brand that I've trusted and it will continue to be due to the company's dedicated customer service and dependable and beautiful product. It's not rocket science. A brand like Comcast, who is generally viewed with tiny red ears and a giant pitchfork around my college campus of roughly 22,000 people, needs only to turn to it's customer service department and product to find out why. The brand gave us a reason to hate it. Their internet is constantly going down and the customer service is nearly non-existent or incompetent, depending on which campus student you speak with.

     The students disrespect Comcast because Comcast disrespects them but they don't disrespect everybody. Growing up in a nice neighborhood, close to downtown Portland, with relatively successful parents, I never heard a peep from them about our years of Comcast use. 

If a brand wants respect, DON'T discriminate among your customers.
                                             DO produce quality, innovative, and beautiful 
                                             DO hire based on friendliness and knowledge of 
     I'm a loyal Nordstrom consumer because they have never discriminated against me, my family, or any of my friends, no matter what we were wearing when we entered the store or how stylish we looked. I have witnessed women dressed in sweats and a jogging top walk in and drop serious coin in multiple departments. You see my point.

The company, based out of Seattle, has participated in many community events, including an upcoming national Bra-Fitting event, Oct. 20-22, where complimentary bra fittings will be held, and for every bra sold during the event, Nordstrom will donate $2 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 

Here is a great videos from a previous bra event.

They also hosted a flash-mob event with the Seattle Symphony last year! 

What a blast! Great PR.
       However, their kick-ass return policy is what has kept me coming back. I've purchased shoes months prior and returned to the store where an employee can search through their database, find my purchase without a receipt, and offer an exchange for a new pair or a full return and refund.

     On more thing; I've received HAND WRITTEN letters from employees after they've spent the afternoon working with me, thanking me for my time in the store and wishing me luck with my new purchase. What? I've never received a letter from Victoria's Secret or Gap. The shopping process is personal, I'm spending my own money on products that I will use to show the world a little about me. I'm glad that Nordstrom is there to help me along the way. For me, it's worth the extra money.

Aparently, others agree. Since 2008, the brand has grown shareholder value by 36%,while Macy's has only grown 6%. 

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