Nov 30, 2009

A brief compilation.

A brief compilation of poems for my poetry teacher and a letter addressing why he should read them:

Why should C-Train read my poems?
You should read my poems because they are funny and they all express an ecstatic truth.  I didn’t capture the accountant's truth because that isn’t real.  You should read my poems because they are imperfect which means you can help me make them better.  Honestly I’m writing this at 1:11am because at 10pm tonight I decided I wanted to make cupcakes, which would be the second time in my life attempting to make cupcakes...which was six years ago.  I just finished making them and they are delicious!   I made buttermilk cupcakes with lemon frosting and others with chocolate frosting.  I had to put individual Tupperware on top of each cupcake so ants wouldn’t eat them over night.  So I literally just finished making the cupcakes* and I realized this collection of poems were due tomorrow, or today I guess, regardless of senior skip day.  You should read my poems because you will enjoy them, because they remind me of what you wrote.  You should read them because they make you laugh, and if nothing else, because that is what you are paid to do.

*If I saw you tomorrow you could try my amazing three hour-labor intensive-cupcakes because they are the SHIT!!!!!

Adventure. If anything were possible.

After I achieved freedom from my parents while they were still financially responisible for me, I traveled to Thailand.  I ate some Pha Thai.  It was yummy.  I saw some crazy animals in all sorts of bright colors.  They had big eyes.  They didn’t scare me until I tried to pet one.  It bit me.  Now I don’t feel so good.

Man Genitalia: Compiled of eavesdropping on multiple conversations.

Are you an angry dude or a chill guy?
Gonna be a Duck.
Don’t say anything!  No!?
Parents didn’t know?
Be fun to watch.
Going to go to UO this weekend?
What’s orange and green?
Disgusting color!
Long John?  You know?
They were sneaky people,
They would draw man genitalia on the wall.
Something like this though.
I’ve written some about people I hate.
I’ll tell you some.

Nov 26, 2009

The Great Land: Alaska. From my travels.

Today. I think.

I believe in...
iPhones, macbooks, commercialism, sex, lust, Nike, Postsecret, painted nails, bikinis, climate change, eco-friendly things, Nutella, ceaser salad, braces, Nieman Marcus, Goodwill, Grey's Anatomy, Sienfeld, fat cats, bacon, Odwalla, white chocolate, skiing, Trader Joe's, New Seasons, hummingbirds, working out, tea, NYC, knee high boots, duck confit, Google, inspiration, love.

I don't believe...
that being blonde is a bad thing, that the world was created in six days, facebook is taking over my life, media is decreasing my ability to concentrate, texting while driving is smart, abstinence is the best way, little dogs are cute, in Walmart, pot should be illegal, in vests or eating frogs, in Las Vegas, in Wikipedia, that people that go to jail are always bad people, I will be reborn.