Aug 9, 2013

Los Angeles x My Imagination.

This: My moodboard of what I think Los Angeles could be like.* 

I'm moving there in three weeks to start my first job at Mullen as a Junior Art Director on the Acura account. I couldn't be more excited. I'll be working under Peter Rosch (the writer behind Axe's Susan Glenn campaign) - still can't believe it.

*I don't think this is actually LA's personality but doesn't it look like a place you'd want to live if this is how it felt? (I think so). While looking at this it might help to listen to Father John Misty or The Peach Kings. (Click on it big).

Aug 6, 2013

Jay Z x Picasso Baby.

At the advertising agency where I currently work, we talk a lot about creating work that makes you feel something - that gives you Stendhal Syndrome; rapid heart rate, fainting, dizziness - all because of art. 

Jay Z did just that. My heart is pounding and my cheeks hurt from smiling. During his latest short film and work of art, he rapped Picasso Baby to a small audience of artists, actors, musicians, art collectors, and influencers at New York's Pace Gallery. 

This is Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film.  

Jul 10, 2013

First things first. David Sedaris x App.

I was unaware that David Sedaris, my all time favorite author, had an app until today. About a year ago I was able to meet him in person after a reading and he handed me a few bookmarks. Each one featured a close-up of a mouth filled with rotting and missing teeth. If you ever read (or listened to all of his books on tape like me) his books then you'd know that he has bad teeth and he loves London (I believe) because of the country's collectively bad mouth hygiene.  

Apparently I've been too busy looking at the teeth to notice the QR code on the back of the bookmark leading me to his app. So, first things first, today I'm getting the David's Diary App and watching all of the short films within it. The films are narrated by him and animated with bold colors and scrap paper. It's a must. 

Here's a sneak peak.

Jul 8, 2013

Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames.

Before you start up about how you've already seen this, let me just say: Watch it again. I know it's practically antique, what with being published a year ago and all, but it's just so spectacular. 

This short spot was created to celebrate what makes LA great; in particular the form of the city and its monuments. With that in mind, the obvious choice is to focus on two of the best designers of all time: Charles and Ray Eames. The beauty of the film is only enhanced by the comedic timing and person that is Ice Cube. 

Jul 2, 2013

Southern Comfort x Shampoo.

Wieden and Kennedy dropped their latest Southern Comfort spot three weeks ago and it is again, brilliant. This follows WK's recent "Beach" ad featuring the man in the Speedo slowly walking down the beach. Check out what my new place of employment, OKRP, said about that spot here. The brilliance lies within the slow reveal of the drink and the long shots. The "Beach" man is again featured here, wearing snakeskin boots and sipping on So Co while getting his hair gently shampooed. 

Jul 1, 2013

Fantastic Four Minutes.

While poking around on Baldwin&'s website, I stumbled upon this gem which was created by Laura Sicouri and Kadavre Exquis. Watch it. Enjoy it. It's four minutes of pure imagination.


Jan 14, 2013

Artistic Ethos.

Recently, my Intro to Printmaking professor asked our class to write about the reasons we want to create the things we do. He said we could discuss our philosophy behind making, life events that have shaped the way we think about the world, or artists we admire. 
This is what I wrote: 

        I enjoy the tactile. The process of making things by hand and feeling my fingers work to produce something intrigues me. I prefer cooking to eating out, reading a book to reading a tablet, talking to people to texting people, and writing my notes to typing my notes. Creating things by hand gives me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. For these reasons I’m driven to make art.
I grew up as an only child and wasn’t allowed to watch TV during the day. This combination led to many days of finger painting, building elaborate traps to catch my cat, dancing around our living room in a pink tutu to loud 90’s rock, and gardening with my mom in our expansive yard (my young version of gardening was digging holes and catching snakes and butterflies). This love of the tactile world began to manifest into a recognizable art form in high school when I dropped a class and found that one of my only options was the analogue photography class. Our teacher, Nancy Abens, taught us how to read a light meter, focus the lens, take long exposure shots, roll and develop our black and white film, and how to produce an incredible image in our school’s dark room. That class, and the radiant enthusiasm of our teacher, has greatly shaped my artistic life.    I took two years of film photography in high school and with Nancy’s help, began experimenting with printing techniques. Since then, I’ve always referred to film photography as my ‘first love.’ In college, I’ve added a photography minor to my degree and continue to play in the dark room. Though this class will be my first foray into printmaking, it continues to feed my love of the tactile.