About Me

I believe in finding beauty and truth. 

I blog about art, photography, networks, advertising (check out my interview with Rob Heppler or Anne Heuer), branding and producing. I write about what inspires me; great food, traveling, adventures, iPhones, NikePostsecret, outstanding customer service (Nordstrom and Warby Parker) and Goodwill (the store and the thing people can have).

Currently, I'm an Art Director intern at O'Keefe, Reinhard & Paul in Chicago. I was a journalism student who studied advertising, art, and Spanish at the University of Oregon. I've been a creative and marketing intern at McGarrah Jessee, a writer for Scott Goodson's (CEO of StrawberryFrog) blog, Uprising Movements, a multimedia blogger for The Next Great Generation (Mullen) and a photographer for Ethos magazine

My main creative outlet is photography and my first love is black and white film. Shooting and developing in analogue led me to digital and then gradually into video. However, it's still common to find me lurking around the art school, stained with the fumes of a darkroom. 

I'm also a salad enthusiast (endive is my favorite).