Oct 16, 2011

7. Tim Burton's MOMA Robot

Watch MOMA's 30 second spot for Tim Burton's new exhibit:

Why we like it:

1. Tim Burton created it for his own opening! When MOMA asked him to do it, he jumped at the opportunity and reached out to Allison Abbate, his producer for Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. She then recruited Mackinnon & Saunders to build the animated robot.

2. It is stop-motion. Enough said.

3. It's just another small art exhibit that we all get to preview for free. Free = good.

4. Burton was directly involved in his own promotion. This is very similar to point #1, though I am just pointing out that this rarely happens to this extent. Companies sign off on ads all the time but it is rare that the head of the company or the creator of the product creates the ad. BRILLIANT. 

5. MOMA gave us a behind the scenes look at how the ad was produced. Thank you, these are my favorite.

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