Oct 5, 2011

2. The 'Aha' Moment

     In everything we do, there lies an idea that can be applied to another part of your life. Yesterday I was running through Eugene. In the rain. In the evening. Freezing and wet and loving every second. The encouragement to run came from the feeling I knew would come after the run, the feeling of accomplishment, exhaustion, and a hunger for more.  

Reminder to self: Tap into that feeling while working on an advertising project. 

     Everyone has that moment or feeling that can be cross-pollinated with another to create an 'aha!' moment. While I was running through puddles and throwing back wet dirt on my legs, all I could think was how these obstacles will make the end feel that much better and earned. It's the moment where I tie on my shoes for a four mile run and half way through decide to push myself to go for five miles. That is the moment I need to grasp onto when working through a project.

The question for you: How do you reach your 'aha' moment? 

     Mutual for Omaha posed the same question for their aha moment campaign and more then 131,000 people responded. YouTube videos flew in with short stories of people's 'aha' moments.
These are two of my favorite 'aha' moments:

Stan's 'aha' moment came during a prolonged period of unemployment when he decided to follow his dream of 'tooth-picking,' collecting toothpicks and building things. Soon, on of his toothpick buildings was purchased by a museum in Spain. 

Polly and Jane exude energy and excitement toward aging. Their 'aha' moment came when they decided that aging shouldn't be feared, but instead embraced.

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