Oct 21, 2011

10. Brands That Make Dreams Come True. Absolut Vodka.

Absolut Vodka's website is a series of beautifully crafted short films that express who they are, where they came from, and where they want to go. They nailed the Big Three; where are you, were are you going, how are you going to get there.  

This is Absolut's 'Anthem' (philosophy):

What an incredible way deliver a simply message. The video was directed by the acclaimed Rupert Sanders. Check out his website. Please.

Absolut has a way of integrating itself into a community that is both heartfelt, responsible, and beautiful. The brand created encourages its users to 'Drink Responsibly' and has created the website, Recognize the Moment, where drinkers can send a text message reminder to themselves, from the website at the beginning of the night, that will alert them to stop drinking at their alloted time.

They have also created a long list of initiatives to support and recognize artists and creative talent. This beautiful short film, produced by Peter Cerviere, documents how Absolut allowed Hector, an artist from Mexico, actualize his artistic dream while traveling around the world.


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