Oct 2, 2011

1. If You Let Me Play

     Listening to Dan Wieden, of Wieden and Kennedy, explain how he came up with Nike's slogan, "Just Do It," reminds me that inspiration can truly come from anywhere. While a man was being prepared for his execution in a Utah prison, he grunted, "let's do it." With this, a slogan was born that quickly changed a society. People began 'just doing' what they had been putting off for months or years. Wieden received letters explaining how the slogan gave women the courage to leave their lazy or abusive partners or how women had started exercising or applying for jobs. 
     These letters inspired Nike's "If You Let Me Play" multimedia campaign, produced in 1995, which was one of the most successful ads targeting women that Nike has ever run. Its success lies not only in its ability to tell the story, but also in its immense truth. It gave way to a conversation about how women and girls may be suppressed at work, at home, at school, or on the field. The campaign led to meaningful insights between women across the globe. This ad started a conversation about how to empower women while remaining brand-centric. By repeating the slogan "Just do it,"people are reminding themselves of the possibilities they can open by following the mantra.

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