Nov 27, 2011

19. What Turns Me On

My latest project focuses on the 'other' that inspires people in the ad community, an 'other' being any interest/job/hobby that isn't related to advertising. This project was born on my natural interest in people's 'other,' no matter their job title. Now, I've been thinking about what turns me on, what inspires me.

As a clear indicator, we can review my bookmarks:

1. Adweek: This isn't my most looked at bookmark, though some may argue it should be, but it is my most recently added, which is why it's first on this list. I visit for the latest in weird ads and interesting thoughts on branding.

2. Interview Magazine: Good for procrastination and edgy photos/interviews of celebrities by celebrities. The magazine, started by Andy Warhol, isn't afraid of showing some nipple or shooting in black and white. Their photos are perfectly edgy and their art, film and music sections boast the latest in beautiful stuff.

3. mb! Magazine: I've blogged about how wonderful and youthful this marketing-scheme-pretending-to-be-magazine is. It's the creation of Mercedes-Benz and targets the youthful and hipster-ish yet semi-wealthy community. The online mag is a source of inspiration and reflects on culture, art, music, travel, and of course, cars.

4. FoodNetwork: Goes well with cooking. Food is one of my true loves and I strive to try new recipes. Food* can easily inspire creativity.
*Really amazing succulent food

5. THE DEPARTMENT STORE: The site explains:"The Department Store is a modern take on the traditional department store experience... where one can experience the very best from the worlds of design, beauty, fashion, interiors." Well said. The store is run out of Auckland, New Zealand and inspires a new and more interesting way to dress.

6. Netflix: Because movies lead to ideas. Especially movies by Woody Allen.

7. The Selby: My slight obsession with this site and the photographer, Todd Selby, should be clear by now, as many of my posts mention The Selby or have been inspired by one of his posts. He travels the world to photograph the interiors of houses and their owners. Many of the houses are inhabited by the creative people that we dream of meeting and (at least if you're me) rummaging through their belongings (only the good stuff: art, music, jewelry, clothes, antiques). I'm not creepy. I'm curious.

8. W+K: I shouldn't have to explain this one.

9. Urban Blog: Urban Outfitters' blog has daily posts about cool fashion, people, music and art, even giving away free music every Monday. Yet again, it's another great example of participation and awareness among the company's target audience. Good job.

Things that aren't bookmarked, but play a big part in my life:

1. Homemade cookies: mostly chocolate chip or any with cream cheese frosting on top (the special heart attack inducing kind)
2. Dogs, cats, and turtles: turtles, the kind that swim in water and are illegal to own in most states, are awesome but smell horrible.
3. Mom+Dad: an example of an amazing relationship that has lasted over 25 years. Keep going you guys.
4. Boyfriend: an example of an amazing relationship that has lasted over 2 years. Keep going us.
5. The Greek Islands: they are the most amazing places I've visited with great food and interesting people.


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  1. Home made cookies!! yummy! they are a big part of my life too!

    Nice to read about you :)
    See you!