Nov 27, 2011

20. Who I Find

I love finding people. I especially love finding people on the street, but a grocery store or a vintage shop works too. I use the word 'find' because I'm always looking. Sometimes I'm armed with a camera and can record their faces or tell part of their story through my lens. Something about me lets people feel like they can tell me their secrets and stories. When I 'find' these people who want to tell me about their life, I want to hold on to them and soak up every detail before they leave. I've learned more then you'd believe from simply asking and listening. Really listening, not fake listening where it looks like I'm listening but I'm really thinking about what groceries I need to get, but rather proving that I'm interested by asking a provoking and insightful follow-up question.

That is my passion.

I talk to people on the street who I don't know and will probably never meet again. Being trapped on a bus makes it easier to connect, but the key to finding inspiration and a wonderful story is keeping your ears and eyes open. Literally. I rarely listen to my iPod while traveling or walking down the street and I'm constantly watching people and how they interact.

These are some of the people I've met:

Can you guess their stories?

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