Nov 22, 2011

17. The People and Stuff of Alex Stoltze

My recent trip to Wieden and Kennedy and North inspired me to share a bit about what inspires me. My group and I spent hours asking people we barely knew about what inspires them and how those things inspire their work. This question was usually met with, "Wow. Let's see. That's a loaded question," a deep sigh, and finally an answer. I have about a million things that inspire me that are and aren't related to advertising, so I can understand their initial reaction. 

Most of the things that inspire me and explain what makes me are found around my creative work space, my desk.

To some, the space may appear cluttered,  but I'd prefer to call it ordered chaos. Everything has a place, even if it's on top of something else. I like to be completely surrounded by creative energy.

I'm inspired by photography, especially analogue (the stuff of film), and study photography, which should be evident looking around my space. 

A few business cards I've collected + beautiful teeth bookmarks that David Sedaris (amazing author, please read him, it will make us both happy) gave me.

I collect piggy banks (I have more) when I travel, the one on the right is from a trip to Costa Rica. The rocks and shell are from a trip with my lover to Wisconsin. And by lover I mean boyfriend.

A mask that I purchased for my grandma while traveling in Spain. I later reclaimed it.

Grace Coddington, the Creative Director for Vogue Magazine, signed the September issue when I briefly met her in NYC during Fashion's Night Out. I like to consider us close friends. As for the dog: who doesn't love Andy Warhol?

I took this photo of an old woman on a deserted street of Mexico.

I wish I could steal every old photo of my parents when they were my age.

Creepy children, cool frame?

A collection of photos from the 60s and 70s that I purchased from a thrift store. The photo below is one of my favorites. The third photo in from the left was taken in Vietnam during the war.

Yet again, something I took from my grandma's house but the cow hide rug is old and beautiful and represents their California-Ranch-meets-Nordstrom's style.

The take-away: everything has a story. When you surround yourself with them, they will inspire you. Also, Grandma's are a great source of stories, love, and cool old things.

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