Dec 28, 2009

Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula.

I traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula last year during a week long Thanksgiving break with my family.  The air was thick and warm and smelled like the jungle (depending on where we were).  A lot of Mayans live in that region.  Most Mayans are very short and have interesting faces.  I took these pictures on colored film and then had them cross processed.  

Trapped in the snow. Winter 08.

 I took these pictures during Christmas time last year.  Portlanders aren't accustomed to the snow and the city prepares for a snowstorm by buying one snow plow... for the entire city.  This means the beautiful, clean snow remains for days.  We had the neighbors over most nights when we were stranded in our house on the hill for over a week.  These are a couple pictures from those days.  I babysit the little boy in the heart shaped glasses.  He's a little cutie!

Dec 12, 2009

Poem: I am.

I am

I am a woman.  
I have lost hope.
When I woke up I was alone, for the first time in twenty years.
I woke up alone
I have lost the person I love most in this world
He was my best friend, my lover, my companion.
I thought we would grow old together, die together.
I don’t know why he left me.
He loved me for who I am.
He loved me for my mind, my body, my soul, my heart.
I have been sitting here since morning, I don’t know what time it is.
It’s dark outside
I can’t move, I am so alone.

I am her eyes.
I can still see the outline of his body imprinted in his sheets.
Through a couple of windows I strain to see silhouettes moving slowly.
The man I saw last night, the man I was used to, was gone.
All I can see is where he used to lie.
I frantically searched for him as if he was hiding in the sheets.
I am paralyzed.

I am the girl who has been left alone.
I have lost people I love.
I have stared off into space, wondering what happed,
And what would have happened if things had gone differently.
I know this expression of loss and loneliness.
This is a look I acquire after I have come to peace with what has happened,
Once it has set in that the person has been lost.
I can see the sadness in her eyes and in her posture.

Dec 7, 2009

Nike: Favorite ads.

Inspiration: Our life in boats.

I was raised in a boat.  My parents are both fly fishermen and my dad has traveled around the country and world fishing the best spots by himself and with his friends.  I caught my first trout at six years old.  My parents wedding was scheduled around Salmon season.  Our garage smells like fish on a regular basis.  These pictures were taken by my parents and family friends.

My beautiful mom... has endured too much bad Alaskan fishing weather.

Lillian Pagenstecher: Friends since 5

My cousin and me.

Fairly studly for my dad.

My favorite: Tim.

Survey: Mrs. Tayler.

I was tagged by my best friend, Mrs. Tayler, creator of to complete a blogger survey.  Here it is:

1. Where is your phone? Me
2. Your hair? Blonde and wavy
3. Your Mom? Beautiful
4. Your Dad? Fisherman
5. Your favorite meal? Brunch
6. Your last dream? DPS disaster 
7. What do you like to drink? Odwalla
8. Your dream? Advertiser/photographer
9. In what room are you? Knight Library at UO
10. Your hobby? Photography
11. What are you afraid of? Not falling in love
12. Last travel? NYC/Boston
13. Where were you last night? With boyfriend watching Charlie Brown Christmas
14. Something you are not? Speed reader
15. Muffins? Sometimes
16. Wishlist? Relatively large
17. Where did you grow up?
18. Last thing you did? Studied
19. What are you wearing? Sweater
20. Your television? Big
21. Your pet(s)? Cats and Fish
22. Your friends? Beautiful/smart/funny
23. Your life? Not boring
24. Your temper? Fast/loud
25. Do you miss someone? Everyday
26. Your car? Feet
27. Something you don't bring with you? Pencil
28. Your favorite shop? Nordstrom/Goodwill
29. Your favorite color?

30. Last time you laughed? Seconds ago
31. Last time you cried? 2 weeks ago
32. Your best friend? Creative
33. A place where you can go again and again? Greek Islands
34. Facebook? Every 15 mins

35. Favorite place to eat? PF Changs...NOT 

Inspiration: hills and cars.

Last summer I traveled to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon to see the Painted Hills and dig for fossils.  We ended up with a relatively large collection of fossilized leaves and insects.  While driving to the Monument we stopped in a small ghost town that was seemingly deserted along the highway.  There were no people on the streets or in the stores.  The motel was shut down and empty.  There were old cars scattered along the road and in the grass fields behind the buildings.  It was eery and beautiful.  It was an accidental paradise.  All pictures taken by me.  (This post is for Ben because he wants to visit the Painted Hills)

Inspiration: art.

Art that inspires me.  I found this artist at the Bend Art Walk in the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon.  Large paintings on wood by a Seattle based artist, Brian McGuffey (

Dec 5, 2009

First: House party. Second: The Lorax.

Our night started in downtown Eugene for first Friday art walk.  We came back to campus to regroup, which took two hours, one hour and 45 minutes longer then we planned.  Walked to a WTF house party to pick up a friend (A WTF party means one out of every ten people dress in a crazy outfit, while everybody else wears their regular clothes).  We migrated to The Lorax which is a Co-Op by campus.  They regularly host a group of bands and DJs to play in their basement.  It is the coolest/weirdest/strangest place I have ever been.  It's filled with artistic, crazy, liberal, authentic people.  I love them.