Dec 2, 2009

Bostonians: 2009.

This summer I traveled to Boston and NYC with my mom on our annual Mother Daughter Trip.  Our trip was prompted by my mom's new found sister who lives just outside of Boston.  Nobody in my mom's large 'his, hers, and ours' family knew they had another sister, making her the seventh sister in an all girl family.  She was adopted at a young age and never knew who her real family was until recently when she decided hire a genealogist to uncover her roots.  Months later my grandparents in Palo Alto, California received a call from a woman living in Massachusetts who identified herself as my Grandmother's step daughter from an affair my real Grandfather had before he died.  My whole family was very excited about our new addition, so she flew out from the east coast to visit my mom, her new step sister.  They spent three days talking, almost without pause, and reviewing old family pictures and sharing stories.  Long story short, we loved her so much, and wanted to meet her family and friends, that we flew to Boston to learn more about her life.  These our some picture I took from our trip.

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