Dec 5, 2009

First: House party. Second: The Lorax.

Our night started in downtown Eugene for first Friday art walk.  We came back to campus to regroup, which took two hours, one hour and 45 minutes longer then we planned.  Walked to a WTF house party to pick up a friend (A WTF party means one out of every ten people dress in a crazy outfit, while everybody else wears their regular clothes).  We migrated to The Lorax which is a Co-Op by campus.  They regularly host a group of bands and DJs to play in their basement.  It is the coolest/weirdest/strangest place I have ever been.  It's filled with artistic, crazy, liberal, authentic people.  I love them.


  1. Alex! these pics are really awesome <3 I have tagged you for this little blogger game, where you have to answer 35 questions with one word, hopefully you'll do it, check out my blog for the questions :) hopefully this will also get you more followers cause your linked on my last post <3

  2. hey check out this blog:
    i think you might like it. i only read like 2 posts, but its like idk about her life and stuff, kinda like yours. i found it interesting, check it out.

  3. Thank you Tay! I like her blog! If/when you visit I want to take you to the Lorax, it's amazing!