Dec 2, 2009

New Yorkers: Time of my life. Food. Beauty. Art.

I took my first trip to NYC this past summer during Fashion Week.  I spent a week admiring fabulous art, eating food, drinking wine, talking to famous chefs, taking in the people, shopping, and patrolling the street trying to catch a glimpse of fame, we ended up spotting Cindy Crawford, Julianna Margulies, Tony Blair, Grace Coddington (the creative director at Vogue, stars in The September Issue), and Andre Leon Talley (Vogue's editor-at-large, also stars in The September Issue).  Everything was over-the-top amazing, including our hotel in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, just blocks from the MET, the Guggenheim, and Central Park.  We were there during the West Indian Day parade, which explains my pictures of half naked people dancing down the street.  More then a million people showed up to eat the food and watch the festival roll by.

My mom with famed chef, Philippe Roussel, who cooked us fabulous dinner at his French restaurant in the Upper East Side, Cafe d'Alsace.  He continued to make us the fabulous desserts below.

Above: the newest, hottest and trendiest thing in NYC.  The High Line.  Old raised train tracks have been turned into a city goers paradise of raised walkways through Chelsea.  Complete with rolling benches, trees, flowers,  and clubs that close in around The High Line.  You can exit the walkway at multiple points to walk through Chelsea and 10th Avenue.  

Below: Mom and I eating at ChikaLicious Dessert Bar on E. 10th.  A boutique sit-down dessert bar where you can watch the chefs make your desserts in front of you.  You order from a prefixed three course dessert 'meal,' the first and last plates are chosen and change per customer to compliment your personally chosen middle course.

Above: We were able to join a special 'members only' pre-viewing of Monet's collection at MOMA.

Above: Unknown person saw that I was taking a picture of Mom and put a Yegermeister poster above her head.

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