Mar 16, 2012

J460. The Nike+ FuelBand Launch. Well Played.

Over winter break I met up with Stefan Olander, the VP of Nike Digital Sport, and he told me he was working on something big. That's all he said. As I've watched the launch of the Nike+ FuelBand unfold, all I can think is, "No shit!" Nike's unveiling of the FuelBand has been exceptional in reaching mass audiences and selling a product that turns working out into a game that can be shared across platforms. The band works to gauge how many calories you've burned and allows you to set a goal of how many you want to burn by the end of the day. You can watch your progress on your wrist or on your iPhone.

I want one. 

Its capabilities are fascinating. Mashable reported that at SXSW, "Nike will unleash the application programming interface (API) for NikeFuel... [which] will allow third-party music developers to infuse NikeFuel features into their apps or platforms."

Here's an idea of how the launch went down at SXSW:
And in NYC:

Here's how Stefan Olander explains the capabilities of the FuelBand:

If you still don't quite understand what the FuelBand does, Nike invited Casey Neistat, an artist and film maker from NYC, to attend the launch and make a movie about the experience. Basically, Nike told him about the band and strapped one on him for six hours of awesome:
Here's another one by Casey about the band. This one's my favorite. I like the Skittles. Nice touch.
As a side note, I'm kind of in love with Casey Neistat. My goal is that he will read tid bits of my blog and will one day want to collaborate on a short film with me. Lofty goals, I know. He also dresses pretty cool.

To sum up, I love the FuelBand. I love Casey Neistat. I love Nike. I love Stefan Olander. 

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