Jun 16, 2010

Architecture. LA Bath House. Ben.

     I must apologize for my lack of posts recently.  Since my last post I have; studied for college finals and successfully completed them, packed my dorm room into my mom's car, spent a wonderful last night with my boyfriend, Ben, the subject of this post, wished him a tearful goodbye as he headed home to Wisconsin for the summer (visiting him in exactly two weeks and one day),  driven back home to Portland, Oregon, packed my stuff from Mom's car into my closet, and seen many friends.  I am finally home and loving it!  No more homework to keep me from enjoying the weather, away from my friends or not updating my blog.  From now on I will be blogging much more frequently!  
     These pictures feature my talented boyfriend, Ben, and his architecture model for an L.A. bath house.  His heart went into this project for months.  Every term at the University of Oregon Architecture school (number one in the country for sustainable architecture) students must complete a model and a full rendering of a building on a specific site.  Spring term the first year students were assigned an uphill plot of land in Los Angeles where they were to create a bath house.  The students must go through a rigorous process that includes creating the idea of their bath house, what they want their space to represent and who they want it to speak to.  They must turn this idea into a comprehensive reality by creating a computer rendering, which is a 3D interactive view through their building built into the land, which includes everything from rendered sinks and changing rooms to people.  The scale must be correct and the space must be usable and livable.  After the rendering, which takes weeks, students then must build a model of their bath house.  I took these pictures of Ben's model, which was made from bass wood and museum board and includes small, abstract wire figures (which I love).  


  1. i wish i could make something like that!

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