Oct 8, 2012

Yummy Creative Things.

Recently, I've been introduced to some new yummy creative things by a few dear friends that I can't tear myself away from. Each one stimulates a different aspect of creativity and passion - film, fashion and decor, and comedy.

As a side note, I've also started exercising nearly everyday (something that I've been doing on and off for years) and the high that I get from it isn't to be compared. I feel energized, happy, sexy, strong, and very creatively driven. Try it. It works. 

Yummy Creative Things:

My friend, Lily Bussel, showed me Sous Style a couple weeks ago and I can happily say I'm now an addict. Pippa Lord, the photo director for ELLE, writes and curates this blog with beautiful photos demonstrating great style in clothes, home decor, food, and sexy men. Male Monday, one of our favorites, features chiseled and worldly men cooking for Pippa (I wouldn't mind spending a Monday in her shoes). There's a new one today - check him (and his food) out. Thanks Lily!

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is my roommate Perris's (and now my) new, easy-to-love and quick fill of comedians and cars while we drink coffee in the morning. During each of the 15 minuteish web shows, Jerry Seinfeld takes out a vintage car, picks up a famous comedian and grabs coffee. They generally go to laid back cafes or delis and have a laid back and unscripted conversation about life, cars, food, and what it means to be a comedian. Each episode has made my laugh out loud multiple times and lasts just long enough for me to finish my morning eggs and coffee or tea. Thanks Perris!

Last week, my friend Jesse invited me to the Bijou Art Cinemas to watch Samsara with some friends - it was mind altering and potentially life changing. The website tells viewers to "prepare yourself for an unparalleled sensory experience" and it delivered. I experienced something completely new and reached a nearly zen state of Buddhism (I believe). Samsara means "the ever turning wheel of life," which is exactly what the non verbal film presents. It was shot entirely on 70mm film over the period of five years in 25 countries. I mean, fuck, that sentence there should make you want to see it right now. There is no speaking throughout the film, only powerful and instrumental music. See it, it's a vision of the world that I could never have experience otherwise. Thanks Jesse!

The Bijou has been my favorite place to watch films in Eugene since moving here for college three years ago. I'm going to try to go every Monday when the movies are half off, only $3 (!!!!), to fuel my creative interest in watching and creating films. Today is Monday and later I'm headed over to watch The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best. Join me. 

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