Aug 3, 2012

Louis Vuitton. Dream. Mos Def. And the Digital Experience.

Here's how it started:

Last night I saw this on my Twitter feed

It was only three words and a short, crazy, little twitter url link. I was curious. It led me to a beautiful video that Ogilvy Paris had created with art, fashion, calligraphy, talent, and copy in mind. 

I watched it twice last night and once this morning, every time noticing something new. That is what a beautiful and smart film should do. Louis Vuitton collaborated with Mos Def to commemorate Muhammad Ali for his greatness and strength to stand up for what he believes in.

This morning the video brought me to LV's website, an enchanting place filled with wonderful collaborations, videos, art, and independent thinking. I could spend hours clicking through The World of Louis Vuitton, where we can browse through photo essays, journals, and videos of people and places that influence and bring life to the brand.

Here, I discovered how Kusama's (one of Japan's most avant-garde artists) art has inspired a collection or how the visionary and artistic director, Marc Jacobs, has transformed the brand.

This is what happens when a brand cares about inspiring the young and old, about quality of product, and about beauty.

This is what happens when a brand gives a shit.

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