Dec 14, 2010

Small Town America. Bi-Mart Guns. Part 2.

I stopped in La Pine's local Bi-Mart to look around and I was lucky enough to run into Cheryl, a local hunter and long-time La Piner.  She knew everything and more about hunting and guns so I was naturally curious to ask her about her hobbies, considering I've never been hunting or held a gun.

Death at the Grocery




Name: Cheryl E. Heutzenroeder
Favorite animal to hunt: Elk
Favorite animal to eat Elk
Favorite gun: My custom built 270 (10.5 pounds)
Favorite holiday: Christmas

Ma's New Toy

Cheryl showed me the store's album of pictures that hunters had brought to the store after a day of shooting.  She explained that this picture is a reason why you should never set up a self-timer on a tri-pod camera while hunting in the woods by yourself.  The man, posing with his freshly killed elk, had no idea that there was a cougar moving in on his game.  It wasn't until he had the photo developed that he noticed the cougar only feet away from him, ready to attack the claim the dead elk.

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