Jul 18, 2010

Stripes and Signs.

Once again I must apologize for the lack of recent posts!  I just came back from visiting my wonderful boyfriend in Wisconsin.  I was there for two weeks and spent most of my time lovin' on him and taking pictures.  Now I am home and there will be many Wisco pictures to come!  However, I haven't quiet had the time to sort through those pictures yet so these pictures come from a fun day out with my girlfriend Tayler yesterday.  We spent most of the day with one of my friends from college, Kelly, at the Jazz festival in North Portland, St. John area.  We bathed in the sun while chatting, eating gyros, and taking in the music and people.  I took these pictures of the signs all over St. John, which are fabulously old and beautiful!  

On a totally different note, today Tayler and I auditioned at the cycle 16 America's Next Top Model casting call in downtown Portland at a local beauty school!  It was interesting to see the people who showed up at the casting call.  The whole experience, aside from being extremely time consuming, was simultaneously fun/exhilarating and bazaar.  Soon my picture will be up online on the website and I need my readers to vote for me!!  I will let you know when the opportunity to vote arrives (will be sometime around Tuesday).

On me: shorts: vintage LUX, shirt: Urban Outfitters, purse: Goodwill, shoes: Goodwill.


  1. I definitely need to go to that neighborhood next time I am in portland. It looks so cool. And you look super cute in that out fit, I dig the boys shirt.
    I can't wait for a few Wisco Posts.

  2. Your outfit is perfect for summer, I LOVE it :)), XOXO

  3. love your outfit especially the shorts <3


  4. i saw your coment in my blog! Yes, lets follow each other. i'm already follow you! kisses

  5. ps i loved this post, these shoes looks like keds!

  6. Love these pictures! Great blog! I follow you! I'd like it if you follow me back :) xXx bisous!

  7. Love this simple look.

    AND OMG YOU AUDITIONED FOR ANTM?! That is so exciting!! I've LITERALLY had dreams of doing it and freaking out. (hahah obsessed much)?

    Can't wait for the next cycle!! WIll vote for you when your photo is up!



  8. thanks for stopping by.can't wait to move out from home... unfortunately i've still got to wait if i got into university!!!
    come back whenever you like!