May 13, 2010

Musicfest. Powered by Bikes. Campus.

Last Saturday, May 8th, my campus at the University of Oregon held a music festival that was powered by bikes.  Bikes were set up along one side of the stage and audience members took turns peddling to power the music!  The festival was mostly powered by bike power, including the stage, a smoothie blender, and an arts and crafts station.  The festival lasted all day and the food was incredible!  I may or may not have visited the Indian cart one to many times.  


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  3. i absolutely love these fest pics - that dancing lady in the hippy dress is so vibrant. and that girl in the pink wellies? you have a good eye for pure style! ha :)
    PD x
    and of course, i will follow you :) i love this very original blog! pop over and comment on my blog whenever you like!