Apr 18, 2010

Florida. Smile.

I've finally found time to post pictures from a fabulous spring break with my boyfriend, Ben, and his wonderful family.  We spent a week in Grayton Beach, Florida, which is the town next to Seaside where the Truman Show was filmed (NW coast).  We spent the majority of our break eating and cooking amazing food together and lounging on the beach.  Since my return I have been thrust back into college life and too much homework.  As of now I will have more time to photograph and take pictures for my blog.  I was also recently hired onto the Ethos staff at University of Oregon as a photographer.  Ethos is an incredible student run magazine published quarterly.  Check out their webpage:  www.ethosmagonline.com


  1. Love these pictures, specially the symmetry of the tables in the restaurant!

    -Shraddha from Dont Shoe Me

  2. congrats on the new job! love your photos- particularly the one with the lights + palm trees + lovely evening sky. great work! ps. i am definitely telling myself that the little girl in the bottom photo is crying bc she can't have any of what she is holding. haha