Mar 4, 2010

Hotel Rooms. Photography.

I developed and printed these film photos for a photo essay about hotel rooms.  A hotel room is something every person can share no matter who you are, how much you earn, what your job is, whether you are a loyal person or your political or religious affiliation.  They are common around the world.  The rooms in my photo essay have been rented by famous rock stars like Ozzy Obourn and his family and politicians, like John Kerry during his campaign for presidency, CEOs, mothers and fathers, honeymooners and people running away from their lives.  Hotel rooms hold the silent history of their inmates.  I chose these rooms because of their interesting pasts and futures.


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    fyi, the pics r taken by my friend shraddha..

  2. totally awesome! LOVE these photos!

  3. love these b/w photos! vintage feeling <33

  4. Very cool idea... and that leopard print chair is DI.VINE.


  5. these photos are brilliant!