Nov 26, 2009

Today. I think.

I believe in...
iPhones, macbooks, commercialism, sex, lust, Nike, Postsecret, painted nails, bikinis, climate change, eco-friendly things, Nutella, ceaser salad, braces, Nieman Marcus, Goodwill, Grey's Anatomy, Sienfeld, fat cats, bacon, Odwalla, white chocolate, skiing, Trader Joe's, New Seasons, hummingbirds, working out, tea, NYC, knee high boots, duck confit, Google, inspiration, love.

I don't believe...
that being blonde is a bad thing, that the world was created in six days, facebook is taking over my life, media is decreasing my ability to concentrate, texting while driving is smart, abstinence is the best way, little dogs are cute, in Walmart, pot should be illegal, in vests or eating frogs, in Las Vegas, in Wikipedia, that people that go to jail are always bad people, I will be reborn.

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